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Collaborative Divorce in a Nutshell
by Megann Hendrix, JD

In the Collaborative Process, both you and your partner retain a Collaborative Attorney to counsel you, advise you about the law and provide skilled guidance through an out-of-court settlement process.

Collaborative Attorneys are licensed to practice law and have acquired skills in client focused problem-solving and negotiation. Many CFLCW Members have also  completed mediation training. All Members are also trained in Collaborative Practice and are experienced in working with other members of your Collaborative team (financial neutrals, coaches and child specialists) to help your family meet its goals.

Your attorney has a number of responsibilities to you, the Team, and the process:

  • Educate and counsel you throughout the process - they are your advocate.
  • Helps you identify and assess the your needs,  as well as those of your partner.
  • Helps you explore realistic alternatives to meet your needs, and the needs of your family.
  • Along with your Coach and/or Facilitator, assists you in managing conflict.
  • Helps you create the Collaborative team.
  • Works collaboratively with the other lawyer and the team.
  • Assists you and your total team in the creation of a settlement agreements.
  • And has an obligation to terminate the process if a you fail to adhere to the Collaborative Participation Agreement.

Your attorney is your advocate. They represent your interests. They also are dedicated to resolving issues in the best interest of everyone in your family. The Team, dedicated to a respectful resolution of issues, is what makes Collaborative different from the "win-lose" mindset of other methods.

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