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When Is Collaborative Divorce “Appropriate?”

June 1, 2021

Recently we encountered this statement on a law firm website (not members of CFLCW):

“While …[trained]… in Collaborative Divorce ..[we use] this approach when requested, and we caution…not all cases benefit from this [approach].”

It is the responsibility of the collaborative attorney to provide information to clients about the range of process options available to them…. -News Editor

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Divorce is a legal thing; or maybe not

April 15, 2021

Search for “emotional aspects of divorce’ on the latest edition of the world’s encyclopedia – Google – and you will quickly see about  152 million results.
Yet it is fair to suggest that most people consider divorce to be primarily a legal “thing.” -News Editor

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Collaborative Divorce or Mediation?

July 1, 2020

In recent years, some Wisconsin attorneys have expanded their practices to include divorce mediation services. When a lawyer mediates a divorce, the lawyer can give legal information to the couple, but not legal advice. For some couples, legal information is 95% of what they need. Once they understand what the laws say, they feel comfortable working out their issues with the help of a mediator, but without getting legal advice. That’s important, because the mediator has to be neutral between the two of them.
-Rebecca Oettinger, PhD, JD

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