Biographical Info

Biographical Info


Master of Science, Social Work, University of Wisconsin Madison


Building Blocks of Collaborative Practice-February 2013; 15th Annual Meeting-Nov 2015


Bernadette Mullins Miller began her work with divorcing families while a graduate research assistant at UW-Madison. In the 80’s, the concept of “co- parenting” was just being formulated.

In private practice since 1987, Bernadette has continued to dedicate a majority of her practice to divorce mediation, co-parenting coaching/ education, pre and post divorce adjustments, collaborative family law child specialist and parent coaching as well as individual, couple and family therapy for blending families. She brings a wealth of experience and strategies to provide relief to even the most complex of family situations.

Bernadette was initially involved with the original CFLCW group when it came to Milwaukee in early 2000, then took a hiatus to focus on her young children. Reconnecting with the organization again in 2012, Bernadette has maintained an active presence in the CFLCW network since that time.

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