What clients say about Collaborative

  • The collaborative process enabled my former wife and me to amicably work together through our divorce proceeds, and put the best interests of our daughter ahead of our personal differences.

    RichardMarried 10 years and father of one child
  • Divorce is difficult, but I never regretted choosing the collaborative process. Guided by my attorney and mental health coach, I was able to make my own decisions about my future and asset division at a pace that was comfortable for me.

    CarrieMarried 25 years, mother of 2
  • We chose Collaborative Family Law because we wanted a respectful process. My main interest was our daughter. Ultimately, I did not want to leave a negative legacy. We were able to maintain control of the outcome, rather than accepting the terms of an imposed order. We also realized significant savings by avoiding litigation.

    JerryMarried 27 years
  • I chose the collaborative method in my divorce because I didn’t want to add stress to an already emotional situation, and because my former spouse and I both shared the same goal: to protect our children and address their ongoing needs above all other issues. We reached an agreement we’re both satisfied with and maintain a positive relationship. Approaching our situation collaboratively ensured the kind of cooperation we’ll need as we raise our kids into adulthood.

    LauraMarried 10 years, mother of three
  • I truly believe that with the help of my coach, attorney, child specialist and financial specialist, we were able to get through this stressful event in a manner that was respectful to each other, and most importantly, in consideration our son’s needs…. All of the professionals involved in our case were compassionate, helpful and nonjudgmental….I cannot imagine going through a traditional divorce…