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working with
you to reach a
for your


A Flexible
Client Focused
Respectful process.
Simply put
- a better way. 
A unique and flexible approach

Why Collaborative Family Law is Different

Collaborative Family Law works with a team mindset. You and your partner, along with your attorneys, use the skills of coaches, child specialists, financial experts, and others trained to help you reach a positive outcome for the family. These team members are experts trained in their field just as your attorney is trained in the law.

Divorce is not just a legal issue, but also a financial and very often an emotional one. Collaborative team members work to give you the best information and advice for your situation each within their area of expertise

The interdisciplinary foundation of Collaborative Law is applicable in other family law matters such as paternity, annulment, legal separation, pre-marital agreements, post-nuptial agreements, non-marital relationships and same-sex relationships. It also may involve the special skills of a trainer mediator. There are many variations of the team approach and it is your unique circumstances that determine how you proceed.

Collaborative Law has evolved but the goals remain the same: a client-centric process, customized to your situation, with the goal of a solution that makes sense for everyone.

Collaborative Professionals Listen

Your Attorney and You

Your Collaborative attorney is your advocate in the process, but they also work

with your family's team to secure a reasonable, family-centric solution unique to your situation.

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Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin

The Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin may be able to provide your family with low cost or no cost collaborative services. Programs are available to Wisconsin families with limited financial resources. Income thresholds do apply. Visit the Foundation at www.collabwis.org for complete details.

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